Geo-tagged character tracker

The Tracker is an interactive geo-tracker that enables users to follow a journey over terrain or time. Focusing on a first person narrative, the Tracker presents development, movements, or actions vividly to the user. You can add any type of media at selected points throughout the journey. Audio, video, text, and images enhance the storyline, adding interest to the raw tracking data that is plotted on the area. The Tracker loads any kind of GIS data and can use pre-tracked or real-time data to present a journey. Content can be updated, added and edited by you, making it easy to keep the material fresh and current if needed.

The Tracker is an ideal application to present a story of animal movements, ship journeys, expeditions or any other types of travels. The user needs to act to move the journey along and retrieve more information about the tracked item. By creating an active involvement with the journey, information is easier to follow and retain.


  • First person perspective
  • Mix of data and narrative
  • Possibility to use live-tracking
  • Data is turned into a vivid story
  • User controlled pace


  • Loads any kind of GIS data
  • Can present real-time data
  • Easily add narrative layers
  • 2D or 3D landscape
  • Dynamic coloring
  • Suits any graphic style
  • Comes with CMS
  • Content easy to edit
  • Supports multiple languages

Product examples