Seal Center

Hvammstangi, Iceland.

We at Gagarin are incredibly enthusiastic about sparking an interest in the majestic wildlife found all over the planet. Especially if the animals in question usually shy away from interacting with humans. We’ve been fortunate enough to work on variety of installations which gives the user a never-before-seen portal into their daily lives.

The Icelandic Seal Center located in Hvammstangi has clear mission to research, investigate and exhibit its findings about the seal population that is found around Iceland. In the autumn of 2016 the scientists glued GPS based trackers on the newly born, and often very reclusive, grey seal cubs to be better able to understand their behavior. When it came time to share the findings with the public they contacted us in 2017.

Gagarin designed and produced an interactive map installation, which chronologically tracked the movement of a cub called Snorri from birth. The installation was deployed at the seal centre in November giving visitors a never-before-seen view into the lives of grey seals.