In-depth investigation lens

The Loupe investigator allows users to find and explore content through several layers and zoom levels. It combines the schemas of a magnifying glass and a lens with a digital interface. Users slide the Loupe over an area and turn it to zoom in on different layers of information that appear on the lens. Items that create a larger story can be discovered layer by layer through intuitive movements on a surface that is linked to the device.

Designed for multiple users, the Loupe is a unique investigative tool that encourages them to interact both with the exhibit and each other. As visitors explore complex content, they can help each other find hidden stories and share information. The Loupe creates a strong incentive to keep exploring and presents information in a clear, easily understood way.


  • Unlimited content
  • Physical interaction engages the audience
  • Keeps the content in the foreground
  • Simple and intuitive to use.


  • Realistic content
  • Two languages
  • Suits any graphic style

Product examples