Two nominations to the European Design Awards 2024

Gagarín has been nominated to the European Design Awards 2024 in the category of "Digital Installations" for Green Future and in the category of "Digital Infographics" for producing the animation at the Heavy Water Celler in Rjukan, Norway.

Green by Iceland is a platform for cooperation on climate issues and green solutions in Iceland. The role is to fight climate change locally and globally and to promote Icelandic green solutions while supporting Iceland‘s reputation as a leader in sustainability. The new Green Future exhibition at Gróska, which is designed by Gagarin in collaboration with designers Ragnar Már and Baldur Snorrason (BARK studio), introduces the new ambitious climate goals in Iceland while highlighting the best of Iceland's green innovations of today - all through an immersive interactive environment controlled by visitors.

In collaboration with Kvorning Design, we created an interactive exhibition at The Heavy Water Celler in Norway, where the daring sabotage mission took place, leading to the destruction of the heavy water cells at Vemork and preventing the Germans from developing a potential atomic bomb.

The story of Telemark's heroes has spread worldwide. It has been recounted in TV series, documentaries, podcasts, articles, books, and films.

Electrolyser (interactive animation)

The largest hydrogen factory in the world stood on this site, housing a massive 6-story factory filled with electrolysers which produced hydrogen gas. An original electrolyser functions as the backdrop for an animation of the inner workings of the factory. This digital storytelling method brings together the electrolyser's original technology with a carefully designed multimedia experience to scientifically explain step-by-step how heavy water is produced.

European Design Awards
European Design Awards is a collaboration between leading European design magazines, publishers, journalists, editors, and academics. Its members come together yearly to gather, evaluate, and acknowledge the best examples of communication design on our continent.

From May 30 to June 2, the vibrant city of Naples will host the European Design Festival 2024, curated by AIAP, the Association of Italian Communication Designers. We are happy to invite you to join this celebration of creativity. Open to the broader public, the festival promises a rich tapestry of design innovation and collaboration.

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