Norwegian Seabird Centre

Værlandet, Norway

On the 15th of June 2012, a new exhibition was opened in Værlandet‘s old boat Yard in Gestehamn. The exhibition shows through fourteen interactive stations that the fate of man is tied together with the fate of the seabirds along the coast of Norway. In short; The fact that our birds, our old way of life and our climate are threatened are intertwined, and they all result from our globalized way of life.

When designing the exhibition the goal was to, by provocative and evocative installations, motivate people to action rather than overload them with information or preach to them with morals. The focus was on interactivity rather than on a passive intake of information.

The installations are quite unique where tangibility plays a key role and adds to the playfulness of the experience, but we also used Kinect motion tracking for a “full-body interaction” when needed.

Together this creates a meaningful experience where guests are involved to be co-creators through multiple interactions.

The exhibition was designed by Gagarin and Batteriid Architects aſter winning a 1 prize in a competition for the project.

Norwgian Seabird Centre

The exhibition was designed by Gagarin ltd. and Batteriid Architects after winning a 1 prize in a competition for the project.

“Be the bird” - Installation where users retrieve information through full body motion. The Kinect camera is used for tracking the users in 3D space. That allows them to control the birds with their body and interact in a unique and playful way.

Screenshot from “History of the bird” – An interactive timeline. In this installation, which s a mixed media timeline consisting of three compact touch screens and a graphics on the wall, users learn the story of the Bird‘s evolution from Jurassic times until today.

“An island symphony” – In this sound/light installation visitors learn about the various bird species breeding in Værlandet.

“Bird migration“ – In the installation users learn about the different paths the typical birds of Værlandet take on their way to their winter quarters and back to their breeding grounds.

“Bird migration“ – Users follow the birds' migration paths by sliding the balls.