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Gardabaer, Iceland

The Hofsstaðir Archaeological Site in Gardabær has officially opened its gates to the public. Archaeological excavation at this site commenced in 1994 and revealed relics from the Settlement era of Iceland. A new exhibition, designed by Gagarín, now greets visitors in Gardabaer Municipality. This immersive experience incorporates educational signs, interactive VR binoculars, and a "grinding stone station," offering an innovative glimpse into the past.

In addition to the exhibition, Gagarín designed a website about the history of the settlement longhouse, the building structure, the people who lived there and their culture. Gagarin made layered drawings that visually explain the building technique and the interior design while giving a glimpse into the people's daily lives.

Hofsstaðir was a large farm in ancient times, but no one knows who lived there because the town is not mentioned anywhere in the oldest sources