Garden of Choices


The world is facing an enormous challenge when it comes to climate change and while several measures have been put in place to fight global warming caused by human activity, it seems hard to make actual changes to our lives.

Young people today are aware of the problem, but they struggle to navigate how to act on it. It can become a very hard task to navigate all the information they receive on the topic. This is what we want to change.

Garden of Choices is part of the Astrid Climate Change series of educational titles where the goal is to empower youth to base their arguments in discussions, enable them to come up with effective measures, and guide them to change their habits by taking climate change into consideration in their daily lives and decision making.

The momentum for sustainability education has never been stronger. We lack efficient educational material and qualified instructors on the subject of climate change.

The Global Society needs to move from Climate Anxiety to Climate Activity. An empowered and informed youth is best equipped to make the judgments, decisions, and innovations needed for the future.

We who work on the Carbon emissions bookkeeping are always looking for ways to communicate better to the public. This collaboration is extremely rewarding for all of us. Rafn Helgason. Advisor in the Department for climate and green communities at the Environmental Agency
A climate friendlier world is around the corner!

In a virtual reality game, you will be offered a journey where you and your friends become part of this change! Be challenged about your knowledge around Climate Change and inspired by the solutions.

What is it?

Garden of Choices is a mobile VR experience for up to 5 players at a time. The VR headsets (goggles) are untethered and the whole experience can easily travel from one place to another.

Uses test and prototyping
The problem in itself is not hard to explain, but all solutions have this multidimensionality which requires a critical creative mind to be able to understand and evaluate Hrafnhildur Hannesdóttir Glaciologist at the The Icelandic Meteorological Office

Garden of Choices is a part of Astrid Climate Change communication, a project initiated by Gagarin interactive.

The game is designed in close collaboration between Gagarín and the Meteorological office in Iceland and more educators and game designers from Reykjavík University, University of Iceland, Environmental Agency of Iceland, and EnvironicsThe project is funded partly by Gagarin, Rannis Innovation grants, and the Icelandic Climate Change grant.

Interview with Prof. Ragna B. Garðarsdóttir, Professor of Social Psychology, who collaborated with Gagarín on the project.