Compass XL

Digital 2D or 3D area explorer for multiple users

Designed for multiple users, the Compass XL allows you to present stories, background information, landmarks or other phenomena on large areas with people investigating various aspects at the same time. The visitor explores the zone by turning knobs that illuminate areas of information. The interaction between user, device, and content is easy and effortless, allowing the user to focus their attention on the exhibited content.

The Compass XL is ideal for a multi-user exploration of any type of area, from biological microsystems to the earth’s weather systems. The solution offers a tangible way of examining several types of things within a large area, creating an immersive experience that is both unique and memorable.


  • Serves multiple people simultaneously
  • Unlimited content
  • Tangible 3D touch interaction
  • User-controlled exploration


  • 2D or 3D area
  • Loads GIS data
  • Dynamic coloring
  • Suits any graphic style
  • Comes with CMS
  • Up to 3 languages
  • Content easy to edit

Product examples