Digital 2D or 3D area explorer for a single user

The Compass touch screen application allows the user to easily explore territories on a map using intuitive gestures like zooming, panning and rotating. Information appears in a variety of ways including text, images, video and audio. From large scale overviews to detailed aspects of individual items, the Compass offers an engaging exploration of an area, be it the human body or an entire ocean.

You can present the relevant data for the mapped area, like the flora and fauna, historical development, characteristics, functions or flow. Different phenomena like animals or the weather can even be tracked live with integrated real-time data feeds.


  • Unlimited content
  • Keeps the focus on the area
  • Distraction free exploration
  • User controlled exploration


  • 2D or 3D presentation of area
  • Geo located graphics
  • Loads GIS data
  • Dynamic coloring
  • Any graphic style
  • Comes with CMS

Product examples