Natural History Museum Oslo has opened

The Natural History Museum in Oslo has opened a new geological exhibition covering over 2000 sqm. On four floors, explaining Earth's history and life's evolution. The exhibition's lead designer, Atelier Bruckner, teamed up with Gagarin to develop unique, innovative exhibits with modern storytelling in the grand old historical building housing the museum.

The Gagarin team delivered 27 interactive installations we designed in close collaboration with museum scientists and lecturers with expertise in every theme.

The main challenge was to design modern, playful interactive exhibits on very complex phenomena in an old protected historical building.

One month after opening, the Museum of Natural History had 30,600 visitors. That is three times more than the average in recent years, and an all-time high for any month in the museum's history. NHM

Dynamic Earth
Nine physical globes have AR binoculars pointed at them in which the visitor can see explicit content of Segregation, Magnetic field around the earth, Tectonics, Earth’s interior, Atmosphere, Oceans, Photosynthesis, Earth’s orbit and all of them together in Earth’s Systems.

Formation of oil & geology of Norway
A circular table, the spinning of which can teach visitors about the geological history of Norway: how it changed from 500 million years ago to today.

The overarching theme of the exhibitions is the history of Earth and the evolution of life. The exhibitions have been created in collaboration with museum scientists, lecturers and world-leading exhibition designers. The visitor will experience the character and atmosphere of the 100-year-old building combined with innovative design and modern storytelling.

Photos: Marcus Sies