Heavy Water Cellar awarded at the European Design Awards 2024

We are thrilled to share that our digital infographic animation, created for the Heavy Water Cellar in Rjukan, Norway, has been honoured with a prestigious bronze award in the “digital infographic” category at the European Design Awards 2024. 

In collaboration with Kvorning Design, we created an interactive exhibition, where the daring sabotage mission took place, leading to the destruction of the heavy water cells at Vemork and preventing the Germans from developing a potential atomic bomb.

We developed an innovative way to demonstrate how heavy water was produced in the 1940s using an electrolyzer. As visitors tour the original basement, they encounter multimedia installations that exemplify the dilemmas the saboteurs encountered as soldiers in the war. We highlighted the original museum artefacts by encasing them in holographic displays to bring together the digital with the historic in a way that adds layers of information to the object while still protecting it.

The story of Telemark's heroes has spread worldwide. It has been recounted in TV series, documentaries, podcasts, articles, books, and films.

Read more about the project here.

Electrolyser (interactive animation)

The largest hydrogen factory in the world stood on this site, housing a massive 6-story factory filled with electrolysers which produced hydrogen gas. An original electrolyser functions as the backdrop for an animation of the inner workings of the factory. This digital storytelling method brings together the electrolyser's original technology with a carefully designed multimedia experience to scientifically explain step-by-step how heavy water is produced.

The award ceremony in Naples, Italy.

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